COVID -19 UPDATES - Please read carefully.


Thank you for your continued support!

We would like to update everyone regarding new policies that will be implemented when we reopen the studios and the procedures we will have at the recital.


We have chosen to take a conservative approach to reopening, and structured our plans based on the safety and health of our dancers and staff. We will continue to follow public health recommendations of the CDC and hope our JDC families do the same.


We have been open, and will remain open for summer camp and preschools, as requested by the ELC and the state of Florida. 


After Memorial Day weekend, on Monday June 1st, with proper distancing and sanitizing procedures in place, all classes will resume. 


All in studio classes will continue on the same day, but times may vary slightly to give us time for cleaning and sanitizing in between classes. 


We also want to make sure everyone knows that if any family feels uncomfortable returning, it is totally acceptable. Please let us know. We will also be offering our classes on Zoom for those not quite ready to come back to the studio.


This NEW COVID 19- Studio Protocol plan is very reliant on all of our families respecting the new policies. We all want to go back to some normalcy, but for now please know we are trying to provide the best practices possible.

This will be new for all of us so patience with our staff is greatly appreciated as well. They are amazing, and doing everything they can to make this work. The health and safety of our students, staff, and families is most important to at JDC. Our new studio policies will start immediately.

Thank you - Kerry Mynatt







JDC Reopen Protocol

-Staff will follow illness policy including temperature checks and 24 hour wellness standard.

-Staff will wash/sanitize hands prior to classes and at regular intervals.

-Staff will have limited direct physical contact with children. 

-Staff will be diligently trained on procedures and prepared to enforce any distancing protocols.

-Staff travel will be monitored and isolation following travel will adhere to FDH recommendations.



-Facility Team will be on site to disinfect and sanitize in prep for ‘return to work’.

-Hepa filters have been added to the air filtering system.

-Recommended products that are effective against COVID-19 will be used throughout each day. 

-Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout building - accessible and monitored for refill.

-Drinking fountains and snack machines will be closed and students encouraged to bring water bottles.



-Students will be allowed in the build 5 min before class start time. If you arrive earlier please have students wait in car until that time.

-Drop Off/Pick Up encouraged; No more than 1 adult for dancers age 6 and under may escort there dancer to their class. Children 7 and up should be dropped off at the front door. All parents should wait outside, in their cars or in designated areas allowing us to continue with social distancing guidelines!

-Everyone will be required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering the studio. Non contact temperature checks will be taken at the door, students with any symptoms of illness will not be permitted. If sick, dancers must be symptom free for 72 hours, according to the CDC guidelines, and return with a doctor's note. 

-Everyone will use the designated entrance to the main building, and hallways will be one way to control traffic flow. The annex building will use two separate entrances from the outside into the classrooms.

-JDC light weight washable masks will be available the first week back.

-Parents should come up to the side walk to pick up young dancers. During rain, cars may line up at the curb.  Please make sure students are picked up students on time to allow us time to clean and sanitize the rooms. 



-Dancers and parents will use separate entrance and exit doors and one direction in halls to control physical distancing and traffic flow. The annex will be using two separate outside entrances into the classrooms. 

-Occupancy in the halls will be limited and monitored to comply with FDH guidelines. One parent will be allowed per dancer ages 6 and under in the halls. Students 7 and up should be dropped off at the front door.

-No birthday parties available this summer.



-Studios will have floor markers placed 6 feet apart to help students with social distancing.

-Leveled classes and competition teams will not be changing rooms during the evening. They will remain in the same room for the same level classes.

-Students will not be permitted in the halls except to use bathrooms, and entering and exiting studios. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the studios.         

-Lesson plans will be modified to omit partner activities.

-Lesson plans will be modified to limit use of props. Any props will be sanitized after each individual student’s use. 

-Studio floors will be labeled to allow safe distance between dancers

-Porous surfaces in the studio such as bean bags will be temporarily taken out of use.

-Studio Therabands, ankle weights etc. will not be used. Students must bring their own.


DRESS CODE UPDATES                                          

Students MUST come to the studio already dressed for dance in proper dance attire and bring dance bag for shoes and water bottle. Hair must be pulled back into a slick pony or bun to eliminate students from brushing their hair out of their face.  All students will keep dance bags in their class to eliminate students wandering the halls.


SNACKS AND DRINKS                                  

All students should bring a water bottle to class with their name on it. For health reasons, All drink machines, snack machines and water fountains will be off, to eliminate students in hallways and eating food in the studio. NO outside food in the studio. Please eat before arriving or after leaving the studio.



Classes will be cleaned and sanitized when one group of students leave and new students come in. In order for us to do this, many classes will be shortened by 10 min.( For example creative, youth, all acro, 6pm level 1/2 classes, 8pm level 3,4/5 classes, and last hour of competition team will be shorted to a 45 min class to allow for cleaning and sanitizing protocols.



2020 RECITAL SHOWCASE                               

Due to schools being closed for the remainder of the year, our original theater dates at Riverview High School are not available. We had no choice but to postpone our show. The new dates will be July 18th and 19th. In doing this we will be under less restrictions and will be able to have a much more enjoyable show for everyone. We felt this would give our dancers something to look forward to this Summer! This will also give them enough time to fully prepare to put on a fantastic show! We will continue with our 2019-2020 schedule when get back to the studio in June, until recital. In order for us clean and sanitize between classes, we will be shortening several classes to 45min. You will see a price adjustment in your tuition as soon as this is implemented. (There will be No Tuition fee due for July.)


At The Recital:

We are planning on having shorter shows in order to have smaller audience sizes and less students back stage. We will follow the CDC guidelines on group sizes, distancing, etc. Back stage we have 5 large rooms and 2 small rooms for students to get dressed. This will allow students the space they need to spread out. Also, the theater sits 1000 people with the main floor and balcony. Again, we will have plenty of room to spread out. We are also planning on using every other row in the theater and seats left open between parties. We will have designated entrances and exits to help control the flow of traffic and help with social distancing. 



The office and store will have limited hours. Please see website for updated information.

For payments please use the parent portal or call the office Monday through Friday 10am-4pm.



May 23rd - 25th closed for Memorial Day

June 29th - July 4th- closed for 4th of July Week 



Show schedule will be out by June 1st

Recital picture weeks - June 8-20th

Flower Orders / DVD / Program ads will be due by - Monday, June 22nd

Dress rehearsals - July 7-12th at regular class time 

Tech rehearsals - Wednesday, July 16th

Shows - July 18-19th ( Saturday and Sunday)


Competition Dates:

July 8-12th Fusion Nationals Competition (the competition changed the dates)

July 25-28th Starbound Nationals