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NOTE:  Please watch for any Manatee County School closing alerts.  We follow Manatee County for school closings for weather conditions.

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Check back for upcoming information about:

2023 Summer Classes

2023 Summer Musical Theatre Programs

2023 Recital / End of Year Shows, Recital Photos, Video Order and Costumes

Open House for 2023-2024 Fall Season (August 2023)

Team Auditions for 2023-2024 Fall Season (August 2023)


Competition Team Members: Be sure you are in the Team Private Facebook Group to stay up to date on the latest team news. 

We are currently accepting resumes for qualified Dance Instructors.  If you are

interested in joining the JUMP family:

Please send resumes to or

fax to:  941-747-8911  Attention: Kerry Mynatt


Jump Dance Company Recital schedule
 (Recreational classes only)

*If you are unsure what your class is called, please give us a call 941-747-8900 or check your class list on your parent portal.


FRIDAY 5/27/22 at 6pm

*Beauty and The Beast production

*Addams Family production

SATURDAY 5/28/22 at 12pm

*Creative Ballet/Tap -Thur 10am. Miss Kristina

*Youth Ballet/Tap- Mon 6pm Miss Sybil

*Youth Hip-hop Acro Group A – Thur 6pm Miss Lexi/ Miss Hailey

*Pre-K Hip-hop Acro -Thur 5pm Miss Lexi

*Pre-K Ballet / Tap -Tues 5pm Miss Janis

*Beginner Acro – Tues 5pm Miss Lexi

*Hip-hop 1 -Mr. Tony

*Jazz 1 - Miss Janis

*Ballet 1 - Miss Sybil

*Tap 1 - Miss Kristina

*Tiny Tykes – Thur 9am Miss Kristina

*Tiny Tykes -Thurs 4pm Miss Kristina


SATURDAY 5/28/22 at 3pm

*Tiny Tykes -Tues 10am Miss Kristina

*Creative Ballet /Tap -Tues4pm Miss Jessie

*Creative with Acro -Wed 10am Miss Jessie

*Creative Acro - Tues 6pm Miss Lexi

*Youth Ballet/ Tap Wednesday 5pm Miss Jessie

*Ballet 2/3 - Wed 5pm- Miss Erin

*Hip Hop 2/3 - Wed 6pm -Mr. Tony

*Tap 2 -Tues 5pm - Miss Jessie

*Jazz 2- Tues 6pm- Miss Janis

*Jazz 2/3 - Wed 7pm- Miss Erin

*Lyrical 3- Wed 6pm - Miss Sybil

*Intermediate acro - tues 7pm Miss Lexi

*Jr. Hip Hop - Wed 5pm-Mr. Tony



Saturday, 5/28/22 at 6pm

*Creative Ballet / Tap Mon 5pm - Miss Kristina

*Youth Hip-hop Acro – Group B Thur 6pm - Miss Lexi/ Miss Hailey

*Tap 3 Adv Thur 8pm - Miss Jessie

*Ballet 4/5 Thur 8pm - Miss Janis

*Hip-hop 4/5 Thur 7pm - Mr. Tony

*Jazz 4/5 Tues 8pm - Miss Janis

*Lyrical Contemp 4/5 Tues 7pm- Miss Erin

*Youth Ballet tap- Sat 10am - Miss Carol

*Prek Ballet Tap - Sat 10am- Ms Carol

*Youth Ballet / Tap Thur 5pm Miss Janis 


SUNDAY 2/29/22 3pm

*Pre-School 2-Yr old Class – Miss Kristina

*Pre-School 3-Yr old Class – Miss Kristina

*VPK Arts – Miss Kristina

*Teen Jazz Thurs 8pm Miss Hailey

*Teen Ballet Wed 7pm Miss Sybil

*Teen Lyrical Thur 7pm Miss Janis

*Teen Hip-Hop Wed 8pm Mr. Tony

*Pre-K Ballet Tap Wed 4pm Miss Jessie

*Pre-K Hip Hop Acro Tues 4pm Miss Lexi

*Adv Acro Thurs 7pm - Miss Lexi


Sunday, 5/29/22 at 6pm

*Creative with Acro Mon 4pm Miss Kristina

*Mini Ballet / Tap Thur 6pm Miss Kristina

*Youth Hip Hop Jazz Tues 5pm. Miss Erin

*Pointe Wed 5pm , Sat 1pm Miss Sybil

*Creative with Acro Thur 4pm Miss Jessie

MOVED TO SAT 6PM:  Youth Ballet / Tap Thur 5pm Miss Janis 

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